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Advent 2022

For Adults and Teens

This year's Advent Devotional for Adults and Teens explores various selections from Ann Weems’ collection of Advent poems, Kneeling in Bethlehem. Each week in our Friday email newsletter you will find one of Weems’ poems accompanied by a brief commentary by member Terry Ley and some Scripture and reflection questions by one of our pastors. Paper copies of the poem and reflections can be found at the entrances to the sanctuary and chapel each Sunday. If you would like a paper copy sent to your home, please contact Rev. Kathy Reed.

For Children and Families​


This year’s devotional, Now in Flesh Appearing explores how the Advent story is about God taking on a physical body like ours. As you wait with anticipation and prepare for baby Jesus to be born this Advent season, we invite you to discover the awesomeness of incarnation and what it means for God to move, act, and live with us.

This Advent resource invites your family to explore how we can claim:

  • Body, have HOPE!

  • Brain, practice PEACE!

  • Self, feel JOY!

  • Heart, feel LOVE!

  • Everyone, CELEBRATE!

Copies will be handed out at Sunday School, or contact Chris Sarkowski to have one delivered to your home.

Join us this Advent season at First Presbyterian as we celebrate the holy gift of God's coming to earth in human form to baptize, teach, heal, and redeem. Opportunities for study, worship, fellowship, and service can be found in the calendar below, or you may download a list here. *Please note: you may click on any event in the calendar below to add it to your own Google calendar. 

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