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There are no longer be any COVID-related restrictions to church activities at FPC Auburn with the following two exceptions:

1. Masks shall be required for the 9 am worship service.

2. Masks shall be required for any person working with children under the age of 5.


Additional notes:

  • Small groups within the church (e.g. Sunday School classes, PW circles, the choir) may decide among themselves whether or not to mask as they gather.

  • The Covid Task Force will not meet again until convened by a pastor.

  • We will continue to provide a virtual option for the 11 am worship service.

  • We will keep the mask requirement at the 9 am worship service through Easter and will then reevaluate.


The task force found this article helpful. "If you are vaccinated, boosted, and wearing a well-fitted N95 or similar indoors, 'your risk is extremely low,' says Joseph Allen, a COVID and ventilation expert at Harvard.”


We continue to be grateful for the wisdom of our task force members and the faithful discernment of our session elders. It is with faith and hope that we move into the Lenten season and this next phase of our communal life together.

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