Welcome to UKirk!  We are the campus ministry of the First Presbyterian Church of Auburn, Alabama.  The invitation is always open! We would love to meet you, and we hope that you find this to be a place of hospitality, love, and welcome.
Mission Statement
UKirk is an inclusive, open-minded environment for the nurturing of students on their spiritual journey while away from home.  We encourage one another's spiritual growth by examining and questioning our beliefs.  We continue our faith in God through worship, fellowship, service, and study as a Christ-centered community.
First Presbyterian Church of Auburn is the home church to UKirk. It has weekly worship services at 8:30am and 11:00am every Sunday. You can find out more about FPC Auburn on its Website.
FPC Worship and Communion in the Chapel
FPC Worship in the Sanctuary
Free Dinner and Bible Study in the Student  Center Round Room
Wednesday: 11:00AM-1:00PM Lunch in the Campus Student Center

Dinner with the FPC Congregation in Baird
   Hall ($2)
Worship in the Chapel

First Presbyterian Church ● 143 E. Thach Ave. ● Auburn AL ● Contact Us